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Our Feelings

Without health, there is no beauty.

We have 24 years experience providing results-driven professional beauty care in Kyoto.
LUNASIA is not a coping treatment,
but constantly pursues beauty based on a fundamental solution.

In our form of beauty that evolves steadily every day, we focus on the “eyes”.
The impact on the eyes of the harsh environments
we face every day not only cloud our expressions, but also damage beauty.
It is no exaggeration, therefore, to say that they damage our lives.

The method of LUNASIA restores the brightness in and clears our eyes,
which is the part of our expression that most affects the impression we make.
This eye care will transform the impression you make.

We propose healthy eyes. LUNASIA provides this answer.

Importance of Eye Care

If your field of vision changes,
your world also changes.

Damage caused by using PC and smartphones over a long period.
Modern people abuse their eyes with ultra-violet light and dryness.
Various problems affect the first impression you make,
such as your vision blurring due to fatigue and dullness in your eyes,
dryness due to a lack of blood circulation and fine wrinkles and lack of luster.
“Eyespatek” that provides care for both beauty and health,
with a simple treatment of only 30 minutes,
provides care for and refreshes your eyes!
With your eyes refreshed, you can work decisively,
and make a good impression when meeting people for the first time.

Recommended for those

  • With tired or blurred eyes eyes
  • With dry and bloodshot eyes
  • With poor vision due to fatigue
  • Lacking moisture in the eyes
  • Needing to improve bags and sagging
  • Wanting to relax or have a change in mood
  • Wanting to stimulate pressure points on their shoulders and neck

This can be used regardless of age or gender

Industries recommended for introduction
  • Beauty shops, spas
  • Beauty salons, barbers
  • Nail salons, eyebrow extension salons
  • Relaxation salons
  • Spectacle stores
  • Clinics for beauty and dermatology
Merits/methods of introduction (goals)
  • As a new menu item
  • As an option menu
  • As a new business
  • As a way of increasing price per customer
  • As a way of attracting new customers

About "eyespatek"

By massaging the scalp connected to your face,
your skin as a whole will be tightened,
and this gives bounce and gloss to your skin,
giving you a completely different impression than before.


Prepares the texture of your skin with the
gentle stimulation of fine current

The human body has fine current required for maintaining life running through it, known as bioelectric current. Similar to this bioelectric current is the extremely weak current known as microcurrent. This current is a gentle stimulation, as if it was whispering to your cells, and it provides gentle care for the surface of your skin, giving it a flexible bounce, and awakening your gloss, as it you are shining from within.

Radio Frequency

Radiofrequency with radiofrequency waves Warmth and Refreshment.

This is high-frequency treatment using what is known as radio waves to deliver heat and stimulate the blood flow. With a gradual, comfortable warming, it loosens the tension in your skin and muscles while expelling the cold and waste products from your body.

Hot Goggle

Cooling Pad

STEP 01 : Warm up

With a goggle-type hot ice mask, we start by gradually warming the areas around your eyes. Simultaneously, by tightening your scalp from your hairline to the top of the head, the skin of your head can be raised.

STEP 02 : Loosening 1

Firstly, for each eye in turn, without stimulating the delicate skin, we carefully provide care in line with the eyes and skeletal frame. The muscles are exercised through the weak currents, known as microcurrents, taking an approach to the slackness that provides bounce in your skin.

STEP 03 : Loosening 2

Using two microcurrents, it provides treatment to both eyes simultaneously. With a major move in line with your eyeholes, it gentle massages, stimulating the blood flow. This has the effect of stimulating pressure points and relieving stiffness.

STEP 04 : Relaxation 1

Care using radio waves on the surface of your skin. Warming the area around your eyes at a relaxing, comfortable temperature, it stimulates circulation, and expels dormant waste products, refreshing your field of vision! It provides vigor to your skin, reviving bounce and gloss.

STEP 05 : Relaxation 2

STEP 06 : Relaxation 3

Using a cooling pad, the temperature of your skin is lowered in one go, providing a tightening effect, not allowing moisture to escape, and providing textured beautiful skin.

User Manual

User's manual

You can download the handling manual of "eyespatek" from the button below.
* A password is required to view thois PDF. If you have forgotten your password, please send us an inquiry form below. (Sorry, there is only a Japanese and Chinese version.)

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